ACE Synergy 1

ACE Synergy 1 was successfully held from 18-19th August at the office of a local game development company – Gameka. Over 50 students from Malaysia and Singapore attended the our very first session.

The purpose of ACE Synergy is to expose and educate university and college students to the wider esports industry. Hence, we invited industry leaders from the local gaming and esports scene to share their experiences and insights into the wider esports ecosystem.

Our guest speakers included Weng Lum, Head of Operations at Tamago, Mervyn Lai, Founder and CEO of AirAsia Saiyan, Narishvin Sukumaran, CMO of Gameka, Ong Sau Wai, Executive Producer at eGG Network.

ACE Synergy featured talks by guests speakers, as well as panel discussions on the important theme of ‘developing the esports scene from a grassroots level.

Besides these, participating students were able to network with students from other campuses as well as rub shoulders and hear the struggles and triumphs of many pioneers of the local esports scene. They went home energised and excited to be turning their passionate dreams for esports into a reality.

This is just the beginning of an esports journey for these 50 odd students. Will you walk with them? Stay tuned here for more information about our next Synergy, scheduled for early January 2019.

But for now, check out this neat Harlem Shake video we made – talk about dank memes…